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Tue, October 27, 2020
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The War with Grandpa
Showtimes for:
Wed 10/28:   4:20 6:50
Thu 10/29:   4:20 6:50
Fri 10/30:   4:30 6:50
Sat 10/31:   1:50 4:30 6:50
Sun 11/1:   1:50 4:30 6:50
Wed 11/4:   4:30 6:50
Thu 11/5:   4:30 6:50
MPAA Rating:
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Starring: Robert De Niro, Marisa Tomei, Christopher Walken, Laura Marano
Director: Tim Hill
Movie Studio: Dimension Films
Genre: Comedy
Other Genres: Drama,Family
Run Time: 94 Minutes
Release Date: 10/9/2020
Synopsis: Peter and his Grandpa Jack used to be very close, but when Grandpa moves in with the family, Peter is forced to give up his most prized possession, his bedroom. Peter will stop at nothing to get his room back, scheming with friends to devise a series of pranks to drive him out. But, Grandpa doesn't give up easily and before long, it's an all out war!
Movie Link: The War with Grandpa

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