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Fri 10/18:   1:50 7:30
Sat 10/19:   1:50 7:30
Sun 10/20:   1:50 7:30
Mon 10/21:   1:50 7:30
Tue 10/22:   1:50 7:30
Wed 10/23:   1:50 7:30
Thu 10/24:   1:50 7:30
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Starring: Rose Byrne,Alexandra Shipp,Adam Devine,Michael Pena,Justin Hartley,Charlyne Yi
Director: Jon Lucas,Scott Moore
Movie Studio: Lionsgate
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 84 Minutes
Release Date: 10/11/2019
Synopsis: Phil has a major dependency issue - he's addicted to his phone. He has no friends, he has a job writing pop culture "Top 10" lists, and his love life is non-existent. But his Facebook status is about to change. When he is forced to upgrade his phone, the latest model comes with an unexpected feature...Jexi - an A.I. life coach, virtual assistant and cheerleader. With her help, Phil begins to get a real life. But as he becomes less dependent on his phone, Jexi's artificial intelligence morphs...MORE
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